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Absolutely superb timepiece and unbelievably priced! I own and rotated through TATAMI and UDAINDEN.


I can't believe how beautiful it is. I'm so happy I got it. The watch is gorgeous.

Kevin T

I like it though I am a lady, it is slim, thin, elegant for a lady who likes neutral style.

Hahn T.

Hello, World.

Seeing many visitors from overseas who visit Tokyo looking to purchase products, we decided that we wanted to provide better products, with characteristic Japanese designs, at low cost.



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Japanese watch brand "TATAMI"
Japanese watch brand "TOKYO PIGSKIN"


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Japanese watch brand "PIANO LEATHER"
Japanese watch brand "UDAINDEN"


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We deliver high-quality traditional Japanese style watches all over the world.


Take the samurai spirit wherever you go.

The samurai were soldiers who swore an oath of allegiance to their lords. They worked with intense demotion to their masters, and put honor above all else. We strive to emulate these ideals in order to create high-quality and unique watches. Our watches will reliably support you in your daily life, no matter what situation you find yourself in, just as the samurai would support their master.


There are a wide variety of culture and items that Japan can be proud of in the world, such as animation, manga, movies, food, and fashion. The item that we would most like to tell you about, however, is the wristwatch. The quality of Japanese wristwatches is rated very highly around the world, and there are many famous brands. Popular Japanese watchmakers include Seiko and Citizen, but there are many watches in Japan that have different kinds of strengths to those from these watchmakers.
A different kind of strength is the “Japanese style design”. On our online shopping site SAMURAI, we are selling Japanese-style watches that are still unknown throughout the world.
There are two main ways in which SAMURAI watches differ from the design of other Japanese-made watches.

The first is the band material.

Materials used for the bands of SAMURAI watches are unique and are oozing with class, such as TATAMI, HAKATAORI, PIGSKIN, and deerskin.

Tatami has been used since ancient times for the flooring in traditional Japanese homes. It is only SAMURAI that use this tatami for their watchbands.

HAKATAORI is a silk material used in traditional Japanese fashion, kimono dresses, and yukata. Kimono dresses and yukata have a sense of Japanese beauty and high-class, but maintenance and management is extremely costly in terms of effort and price. For this reason, it is difficult for Japanese people to wear kimono dresses every day. However, it is simple to wear watches using that material on a daily basis. When considering tailoring charges and cleaning fees, you can enjoy Japanese fashion at an affordable price.

PIGSKIN is the only type of leather that can be supplied on a self-sufficient basis domestically in Japan, and this is produced by local pig skin tanners, of whom there are only approximately 10 in Japan. This is an excellent material in terms of difficulty of scratching its surface and its tensile strength. This is the pig skin used by the most famous European watch brands, and as this is a traditional Japanese material, it can be used with peace of mind. The way the material expresses a sense of added value with its superior craftsmanship is another point of attraction.

Deerskin, through the technical skill of the craftsman, has cherry blossom and gourd patterns depicted on it. This technology has been passed down since the Nara era, 1300 years ago, and is also used in the Japanese national treasure of Todaiji Temple.

The second is the design of the dials.

Aspects of Japanese culture, famous around the world, such as Mount Fuji, fireworks, sakura, and maple, are depicted on the dials.

Additionally, kanji characters are used for the numbers on the dials. These numbers are referred to as DAIJI, and so are the characters traditionally used since the start of the eighth century in Japan, with the objective of preventing forgery when marking amounts. If you write the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 10 in Japanese kanji, they are “一, 二, 三, and 十”. These numbers can be simply forged by adding a few lines to the characters, so DAIJ aid to be utilized, and are currently used on banknotes.

There are also watches that use the 12 signs of the zodiac in place of DAIJI. The 12 signs of the zodiac is a custom known widely in the Asian region, including Japan, and are cardinal numbers representing positions with orbit in cycles of 12 years.
The meaning of the 12 signs of the zodiac and respective cardinal numbers are as shown below.

子 – rat / mouse
丑 – ox
寅 – tiger
卯 – hare / rabbit
辰 – dragon
巳 – serpent / snake
午 – horse
未 – sheep
申 – monkey
酉 – rooster / cock
戌 – dog
亥 – boar

These items, filled to the brim with Japanese traditional culture, from bands to character dials, make a perfect birthday present for your significant other or gift for your parents. If you recommend them to a friend who is having trouble finding ideas for present, they are bound to be thrilled, saying “nice idea!”.

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