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A Japanese brand watch that competes with Rolex and Hublot functionality

When one thinks of watches, models from Switzerland, which produces luxury brand watches, such as Rolex and Hublot, are extremely popular. However, Japanese brands are also of a functionality and design equivalent to that of their Swiss counterparts. I would like to explain the reason why I would recommend Japanese watches not only to Japanese people, but also to men and women in other countries.


Characteristics of Japanese watches

The predominant image of Swiss watches is of luxury brands that are out of the reach of ordinary people. It can be thought of as representing part of the status of a man of sense, to the extent that there are anecdotes suggesting that a businessman has only to put a Rolex on his arm and business discussions go smoothly.

It is a fact that you do not really hear such anecdotes for Japanese brands. However, they are certainly not inferior in terms of practical high-quality performance.


Casio product - G-SHOCK

It is said that many members of special forces around the world are using G-SHOCK, and it is famous as the most reliable watch in terms of its strength against function displacement and shock in dangerous regions. Currently, its popularity is extending beyond the special forces, and it is a product loved by many pilots and SWAT police special forces members. There is also baby-G, a cute stylish item, recommended for active women enjoying exercising at the gym or surfing.


Thinking behind the four seasons that color Japan

There are a wide variety of objects of faith around the world, and each of these have a major presence at their respective peaks.

The basic thinking of Japanese people is the faith of “Yaoyorozu”, in which everything has a spirit. For this reason, our way of thinking is that we are overflowing with feeling and sensitivity, and live at one with nature.

This includes not only creatures with a life, such as dogs and cats, but also things that are alive, such as plants etc. can be thought of as equal to us, and various items such as toilets or stones on the roadside have spirits and gods dwelling within them.

 This is the reason why Japanese people give such value to the four seasons.

 Spring is the season when we look at the cherry blossom flowers and sing songs, we gaze at fireworks while cooling from the summer heat under the eaves, in fall and winter we have the practices of enjoying the scenes of yellow leaves and snow respectively, and these were born from the thinking that we should coexist with nature.

 There are many items with original designs that take a piece of these seasons, and these are very popular with tourists visiting Japan from overseas.

Products using cherry blossoms and yellowing leaves as their motifs and products with shapes that are different to the alphabet, such as kanji, provide an accent for this new style.




The high level of the development and technology creating precise products in Japan has received plaudits overseas. Domestic brand watches with the highest level functionality are sold at cheap prices, and these are watches that you peace of mind as items loved by both ordinary people and the world’s elite. Their fans are currently increasing around the world. We hope you will take the opportunity to try Japanese brand watches for yourself.


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