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Japanese Designer Watches, High Quality, and Durable

Japanese Designer Watches, High Quality, and Durable


Japanese designer watches are popular all over the world, and if we talk about Samurai watches, then these are adorable. Samurai watches bring the platform in pre-owned watches, straps, and accessories.

As we all know that in any industry, competition is the key factor regarding the customer's demand and the production of the goods, our company being the competitive one is fantastic and hardworking. Samurai watches being promising one in Japanese watches, however facing immense competition with domestic and international brands. We have large business houses selling our watches to loyal customers and associates. 

Reliable and Precise Watches:

We are the leader in the industry and are more focused on technological innovation for the best functionality. We are striving our best to give our customers the best products at the right price. Our brand is always struggling to produce the best watches in the world, where we thank our loyal customers for coming up at the top position. We are a luxury brand with a mixture of craftsmanship, innovation, and durability. Samurai watches are popular by its enduring style of the timepieces, which are also high quality. Our watches are beautiful yet reliable and precise. 

Where Our Watches are Made?

Our watches depict the Japanese tradition because these are all made in Japan. This is the only reason that we have a number of our local customers only in Japan. It's our popularity and versatility that the number of customers has increased in all the countries of the world.

There are many designer watches of the Samurai brand. In men's watches, Tokyo Pigskin, Piano Leather, Udainden, Hakataori, and Tatami are popular. In women's watches, Tatami, Piano Leather, Udainden, and Edokumihimo are popular.

Free Shipping Worldwide:

The good thing about the designer watches by Samurai is that they offer free shipping worldwide.



Japanese Designs:

Designer watches depict the original Japanese designs at low cost with high quality material used in the watches.


We do not use mainstream gilding, which is commonly called ion plating gilding. We use Nickel-free Palladium gilding, which depicts Japanese technology.

Japanese Designer Watches:


The traditional structural element used in Japanese buildings is Tatami. The design of these watches is simple to maintain the unique atmosphere of the Tatami. Tatami watches are liked by many people all around the world among men and women.


Udainden is also the most fabulous Samurai watch in Japan. It is the Japanese technological watch brand. Udainden is made using staining tanned deer hide and drawing a pattern with lacquer. The material used in these watches is so durable and beautiful, and it was used by Samurai armor in ancient Japan. Inden is the primary material used in the band section of this wristwatch.


Piano Leather:

Piano Leather is one of the Japanese designer watches. Natural leather is used in the watches, which is supple and moist. We use brown cowhide leather in the watches. The name piano leather shows just as the different keys used in the piano.

Similarly, there are different flavors of leather used in the watches of piano leather. The excellent quality of piano leather is also shown when the person wears the watch, and the color changes as leather are bent. The dial used in Piano Leather is simple to maintain the uniqueness of the Japanese brand watches. These piano watches are available in two shapes, which are square-shaped and circle-shaped.


Kimono wrist watch band is the high quality band made from Hakata cloth. So Kimono watches depict the Hakata cloth, which is a silk thread-local to the Hakata region in Fukuoka, Japan. It is a combination of traditional craft and the modern technology used in the watches. This designer watch is tight and shows high corrosion resistance. Nickel is used in shallow composition, which is only 4% in the watches. It is a beautiful mechanical wristwatch with a transparent dial section and back cover.

Tokyo Pigskin:

You can understand from the name that this watch features a simple, beautiful band made from pigskin. Our company gets the leather of pigskin domestically in Japan, which is produced by local pigskin tanners. The leather of the pigskin is so durable that it is difficult to scratch, and it also has tensile strength. Pigskin watches are also made all over the world, and these are very famous. So our company even thinks of making the Tokyo pigskin watches due to its popularity in the world. The material which we use in these watches gives additional value to our watches. We use fantastic craftsmanship in pigskin watches, which is also an attraction for watch lovers.

Our Watches are in High Demand:

As Japanese designer watches are adorable, this is why they are in high demand throughout the world. You cannot overlook its quality. The designer watches by Samurai are top in quality and also durable.

Affordable Price:

As our watches are popular, where we have to deliver the watches in any country in the world. But we are striving our best to give the products at an affordable price. We also maintain the traditional Japanese style of the watches without incurring the high cost of travel.

New Market Trends:

The designer watches which we make are compatible with ongoing market trends where our team members are always in touch with the internet to study the new market trends about watches.

New and Trendy Designs:

Our team is also working a lot on developing modern and trendy designs accordingly and also on customer demand. Our new stylish designs are so popular to attract customers from all over the world.


Fashion Watches:

The watches made in our company are particularly fashion watches, which are also moderately priced; however, they also maintaining traditional Japanese styles.

Our Team:

Some proficient professionals are working in our organization. These professionals are working efficiently, and they have the requisite knowledge about watches to carry out the different tasks effectively.

The team members in our company are:

  • Designers
  • Craftsman
  • Quality analyst
  • Sales and Marketing executives
  • Warehousing and packaging experts

High-Quality Components:

We use high-quality components in our watches with unusual movements and batteries used. The key features of the watches include a stainless steel case and genuine leather strap used in Samurai watches.

Good Looking Watches:

One thing on which customer attracts towards our watches is that our watches are good looking and simple in style. However, we also use modern techniques in our watches. In other words, we can say that your products are a fusion of simplicity and modernism.


Our watches are amazingly water resistant available at affordable prices.