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Japanese Movement Watches Which Are Very Trendy

Japanese Movement Watches Which Are Very Trendy


Japanese are very popular all over the world for producing the typical Japanese movement watches. These watches are liked by the people who are fond of buying these watches. These movement watches are aesthetically designed and build with more accuracy and precision in mind.

The Adorable Movement Watches: 

Our team members are very hardworking in producing the movement watches, which are very precise and accurate. You can see the time with no difficulty, as most people face complicated watches. Miyota from Japan is the leading mechanical movement manufacturers who are very popular. We promise you to give you the best automatic movements in our watches, which are identical, as well as maintaining different styles, types, and parts of the watches.

Good Quality Watches:

Samurai watches being the excellent quality watches, which also maintain good quality movement for a lifetime if you keep these watches with proper care.

Manufacturing of Japanese Movement Watches:

The production of Japanese movement watches is slightly different. This makes the Japanese watches unique. There is a meager degree of error than the eye alone when the movement of the watches are designed in an automated robotics line.

Maintaining Simplicity:

As we continue the simplicity in our products, which is most appealing to a lot of people in the world because many people do not go to the complexity in their watches. So many people prefer Japanese watches because of the ease of watching the time in the watches. So our main focus is to produce those products which are the simple and slightly more raw look of the pure mechanical parts. This is the only reason that the Japanese movement watches are cheaper than the Swiss ones but keep this thing in mind that quality is maintained in our watches to attract the customers towards our products.



Beautiful Designs of Our Products:

Our products are elegant yet simple and maintaining Japanese heritage. The manufacturing of our watches is very lovely and excellent. We have a team of experts who assemble all the parts of the watch with full concentration and focus on producing the high quality watches with decoration and style as well. So it is possible to upgrade the entire mechanism with Japanese movement watches.

Japanese Designer Watches:

Samurai watches are popular all over the world in producing fantastic Japanese designer watches. These watches are a fusion of modernism and Japanese culture. So people like our watches because of maintaining the Japanese culture in our watches. They also love our products because of the simple dials and straps.

Tokyo Pigskin:

This is our famous brand in which we use the Pigskin in the straps. This is an excellent material in terms of its quality and strength. This is also the best movement watch in samurai watches. So it is a mechanical wristwatch with a beautiful dial section and back cover.

The Trendy Products

Our products being the trendy one, are very popular online. Men, as well as women, are interested in buying the products from our company. Not only men and women, but also different companies are excited about making contact with us.

Different Brands of Our Watches:

We have a variety of brands of our watches, both men as well as women. In both men and women, one brand is so much famous, which is called the Tatami brand. Tatami brand is the traditional watch brand of Samurai watches, which shows the simplicity of our products. As you all know that Tatami is the structural element that is traditionally used in Japanese buildings. So people are so much interested in buying the Tatami watches because of the uniqueness and simplicity of these watches. In addition to the Tatami brand, other brands are also trendy such as Piano Leather, Tokyo pigskin, Udainden, and Hakataori.

The material of a Watch:

Our movement watches are comprised of high quality materials used in it. We use stainless steel in our products so that our watches are not affected by moisture and perspiration. The steel used in our watches is of high quality so that it will not cause any skin irritation. If you look at the quality of the watch, then the weight of the watch shows its quality. It indicates how much solid material is used and what kind of movement it has.

Mechanical Watches:

Our company is the promising one to produce a mechanical wristwatch with a transparent dial section and back cover. The straps of the watches are also fantastic and eye-catching, depicting colorful designs. The good thing about our products is that in the watch, there is low Nickel composition, which is only 4% as they are known to cause allergic reactions. Our watches are at the top position and show high corrosion resistance as compared to other watches in the market.

Hakataori Watches:

It is also a brand of Samurai watches in which the band is made from Hakata cloth. Hakata is a cloth that is used in the region of Fukuoka, Japan. 

Internet Shopping Site:

We have an increased number of customers due to our online shopping site Samurai. You can place the order through online shopping and enjoy the Japanese style watches that are only made in Japan. We offer free shipping all over the world, so do not worry about the price of the ship. Our primary focus is to give you the order as soon as possible with great care of the packaging.

Nickel-free Palladium Gilding:

Our watches are the unique ones because we use Nickel-free Palladium gilding in our watches rather than using the mainstream ion plating gilding, which is also called “IP gilding.” So Japanese movement watches are very famous and liked by people from all over the world.

Watches of Original Japanese Designs:

We are still struggling to provide better products with original Japanese designs at affordable prices. We have a team of craftsmen to produce high quality products, which also shows the Japanese culture. We are proud to have a hardworking and promising team to produce high quality products. In our team, we have a steel producer who gives us the high quality Steel which we use in our watches. We also have our Instagram page, where there are several followers. You can also follow our page to stick to the new inventions and products from Samurai watches.