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Watches recommended for foreigners who love Japanese brands and culture

Japanese culture, such as sushi and tempura and Japanese animation, such as “Miyazaki anime”, is spreading overseas. In the past, Japan received attention as a major economic power, but that is merely a small part of what Japan is. On this occasion, I would like to tell you about some Japanese brand watches that I would like foreigners to love too.


Japan is not just about SONY and Ichiro

Ichiro who was a consistent performer in the America MLB.SONY play station, hugely popular with those who like games.Animation such as “Princess Mononoke” by Hayao Miyazaki, ONE PIECE and NARUTO.

There is also the food culture, such as fondness for sashimi (raw fish) not often eaten overseas, and the brightly colored “ryotei” food popular with foreign celebrities. I think that this information gets learned about overseas and becomes the image of Japan.


But the characteristics of Japan and the technology of Japanese companies is not limited to the above.Japanese brand watches have amazing functionality, in no sense inferior to high-class Swiss watches.Crystals created through the constant effort of Japanese people. I would like to introduce you to the foundations of this great functionality.


The Olympics that made Japanese watches famous internationally

The Olympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020, but we can go back to the Japan of 1964 which was also ready to host the Tokyo Olympics. Whereas the official watches of the Olympics were the Swiss-made Omega and Longines, it was SEIKO of Japan that put the brakes on this.

 At that time, SEIKO were working on development projects for stopwatches to be used in competitions, but were at the stage where they were without technology or knowledge. They disassembled the stopwatches of a variety of companies, and, through trial and error, completed the world’s first crystal oscillation-type digital stop clocks, introducing 36 varieties and 1278 units, taking on the role of the official watch of the Olympic games.

 Following that as well, SEIKO became responsible for the measurement at a wide variety of international events, and, needless to say, the Japanese brand of SEIKO became famous as an international brand. Not only SEIKO, but also Casio and Citizen were adopted by various institutions in foreign countries.

 When it comes to watch brands, although many Japanese people have a penchant for the Swiss brands, in fact they all tend to be luxury brands, at a price outside the reach of ordinary people.

In the case of Japanese manufacturers, on the other hand, there are a number of reasonable products for both men and women, within the price range of people of all occupations from ordinary people to politicians. As they also have excellent functionality, they are hugely popular and loved by many people.



The high standard of Japanese technology and functionality is now spreading internationally as well. In the current age, with the spread of the Internet, you can receive Japanese levels of service in whatever country you happen to live.

 You can take this chance to get Japanese products of the highest standard and hold a piece of Japan in your hands. I hope you will then develop a love for Japan.

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