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This mail-order site is operated by Fennel, LLC. Fennel is a company, based in Tokyo, that sells “products with a characteristic design that enable you to feel the traditions of Japan”. The company consists of an analyst from a financial advisory firm, and a Quality Control representative from a steel producer.

Seeing many visitors from overseas who visit Tokyo looking to purchase products, we decided that we wanted to provide better products, with characteristic Japanese designs, at low cost.

Although many craftsmen in Japan are producing high-quality products, the quantity of their work has been reduced by the corresponding decrease in domestic demand. If the work of craftsmen disappears, this will inevitably lead to the loss of traditional Japanese culture. Our aim is to help craftsmen continue their work.

Our wish is that many overseas visitors to Japan can pick up high-quality Japanese products and, at the same time, inherit Japanese culture.

In Japan, there are many excellent brands of wristwatches, including famous brands such as SEIKO, CITIZEN, ORIENT, CASIO, and others. The feelings of the craftsmen are communicated overseas through their works.



Kiyoshi Takahashi

 CEO of Fennel, LLC.

My name is Kiyoshi Takahashi. I was born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan in 1990. Apart from my English classes from elementary school to high school, and my interest in watching movies, I had virtually no contact with foreign culture in my everyday life. After graduating from university, I worked at an IT company developing inventory management software, and studies programming and marketing. Following that, I switched to working for a Steel producer, where I am currently working in the field of Quality Control.

Through my experience working for an IT company, I became very interested in the recent spread and impact of the Internet. I was both surprised and delighted by the fact that foreign culture, which until now I could imagine by viewing movies, had become something that I could feel in a very real way at anytime, anywhere, by using SNS. We then became gradually seized with the strong desire to “sell Japanese products around the world using Internet technology”, and founded our company.

In Japan, there are many craftsmen who have honed superior technology over many years of study. However, not all craftsmen have detailed knowledge about the Internet and overseas culture. The current state, in which they are unable to utilize their amazing technology due to lack of knowledge about IT and different cultures is such a waste. Our aim is to make as many people as possible happy by becoming intermediaries between Japanese craftsmen and people overseas, to share Japanese technology with others in foreign countries.

I have always had a shy personality. The trigger for my interest in foreign culture was longing to become like the “convivial foreign men” I saw in the movies. I have always wished that I could have the kind of winning personality played by Jim Carrey in “Yes Man” and “Bruce Almighty", who can delight everybody around him with his sense of humor, even when faced with difficult situations. Through this company, I want to come into contact with foreign cultures, and become a “convivial man”.


Daiki Ishizu

 CEO of Fennel, LLC.

My name is Daiki Ishizu. I was born, in 1991, in Niigata in Japan, which is very famous for rice. After graduating in Business & Commerce in Keio University, I started up and have been running Fennel LLC, after working for a commercial bank and financial advisory firm.

While studying the Japanese economy at a financial institution, I become interested in the influence of foreign visitors on the Japanese economy. Then, while looking at the spending habits of foreign visitors, I noticed that they were paying a lot for travel expenses and purchasing goods at inflated prices, meaning that their shopping in Japan was unnecessarily expensive.

My mission is to “stop foreigners wishing to purchase products in Japan from wasting money”. I believe that providing goods that can only be purchased locally in Japan to people overseas at a cheap price, will lead to both happiness as well as my own.

I also enjoy discussing differences in culture with people from overseas. I also enjoy travelling overseas. My favorite movies are “Friday the 13th”, “Die Hard”, and the “Harry Potter” series. I have been practicing Karate, the traditional Japanese martial art from a young age.