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Japanese Watch AYA Online Store Page
Japanese Watch AYA Online Store Page
Japanese Watch AYA Online Store Page
Japanese Watch AYA Online Store Page
Japanese Watch AYA Online Store Page

Japanese Watch AYA Online Store Page

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Manufacturer : WAKOH CO., LTD (Made in Japan)
Water resistant:50m
Case size:50.0mmx42.5mmx12.2mm
Full Length:260.0mm
Arm around:150.0mm~200.0mm

A feature of this wrist watch is that it has a high-quality band made from Hakata Cloth. Hakata Cloth is a silk thread local to the Hakata region in Fukuoka, Japan, and is designated as a traditional craft. It uses many delicate warp threads, and this is combined with thick weft threads to provide both bounce and resilience.

This is a mechanical wrist watch, with a transparent dial section and back cover. Nickel is a material that is prone to cause allergic reactions, but the “SUS821L1” used in this wrist watch has a low nickel composition, at only 4%. This is also tough and has high corrosion resistance compared to the “SUS304” material commonly used in wrist watches.


Comment from CEO

An advantage of this watch has to be the material used for the band. It uses a silk fabric.Also widely used, from room wear, such as pajamas or underwear, to the material used for futon bedding. Not only does it have excellent design characteristics, but the light, smooth qualities of silk are highly suited to the human skin.

It is only natural that a watch made with such functional and artistic materials will suit your arm perfectly. As it is a watch you might easily find with a leather band, and has no issues blending in with your arm, once you wear this watch, you will never want to wear another.

This is not the only fantastic thing about this watch. It gives the person wearing it not only a gentle quality, but also a toughness and wisdom. It is also waterproof at 50 m, so it can withstand the demands of water-based jobs, yachts, and fishing. It has a toughness that means you will not face any difficulties with the general splashing found in everyday life.

It also has an auto-winding function, which means that battery replacement is not required. While you are just wearing it in everyday life, the internal rotor rotates, automatically charging it. Detecting the movement of the owner, it is an extremely smart watch, that is able to store energy. This releases you from the concern that the battery will run out when you need it most.

The contrast between white and red is just like the flower petals of a dahlia. This is extremely popular not only among women, but also men. Matching it with your suit for a wedding ceremony etc., gives you a brilliant attire that will surely draw the attention of those around you.

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